Letter 061, pg. 2


That is not the purpose of their work. Their propaganda is strictly and exclusively economic, and they are doing a very good job—as far as it goes. But we must go farther.

2. There is no mass membership organization of our side. All of them—including the N.M.A.—merely ask people to contribute money. That is why the average citizen takes no interest in any of them. People want to be active, to do something concrete for our cause—and no one gives them anything to do. You recall the almost desperate plea in the letters you received in answer to your lectures. “Please tell us what to do!”that is the mood of the people. When it is answered merely by “send us a check,” no wonder that people turn away, indifferent and disheartened. The subversive organizations, the Communists and the Nazis, go out after mass membership, enroll people and give them a concrete program of activity for their cause. Who is doing that on our side? Yet that is what the people need and want. As witness—the tremendous response of volunteers in the Willkie campaign. The people are with us, but they must have leadership that offers them a concrete program of personal, individual activity. That is what our organization would do.

3. There is no organization of our side in the intellectual field. And there are hundreds of Leftist groups. As witness—the collectivist trend in all the arts and in all the avenues of public expression. Who has done anything to stop it? Our organization would make it possible for anti-collectivist thought, art and literature to be presented and heard—which is practically impossible now.

These are only the main points. As to the N.M.A.—Mr. Gall, who is one of its most influential leaders, did not think that we would duplicate their work. Quite the contrary. He told me he has known for a long time that the program I proposed to him, the program of our organization, is precisely what is needed and needed desperately, but the N.M.A. itself, by its very nature, could not undertake it. He realized that it must be an intellectual organization—not one exclusively of manufacturers. And he is working now to help us get financial backing. He sent me most of their literature. It is excellent material—for school children interested in economics. No more than that.

And we’re aiming much, much beyond that.

Well, I think, this should answer Mr. Eames.

With best regards,

Sincerely yours,


* A. W. Eames was president of California Packing Corporation.