Letter 058, pg. 2


do not believe that it is in the proper form for an article, but he suggested that I send it to an editor just as it is, inquire whether the magazine would be interested and then do such re-writing as the editor might find necessary. He suggested that I consult you on this and ask your opinion as to whether such a procedure would be advisable. He pointed out that he has often helped his National Small Business Men’s Association by placing magazine articles on subjects pertaining to its activity. If you find this advisable, I shall, of course, be most eager to do so.

I think that Mr. Emery will really be able to help us get started—and I look forward hopefully to our future activity.

With best regards,


* Pollock inscribed his book The Adventures of a Happy Man, “To Ayn Rand—the best mind and most inspiring personality I have encountered in many years.” 

** John Gall was later AR’s attorney.