Letter 057, pg. 5


would like to save the genuine few—who have a very, very hard battle to fight today. And if you hold “Life’s Too Short” as an example of “when to quit”—you’re defeating your own point. You’re proving mine. The case of “Life’s Too Short” sets the time, not to quit, but to begin fighting in very grim earnest. 

Well, am I honest? 

Forgive me if I made you read such a long letter, but you asked for my opinion and I wanted to give it in full. If you don’t agree with it—you can give me hell Tuesday. 

With admiration,



* Readers might recognize this as a parody of Ernest Hemingway’s writing.

** Pollock’s autobiography was published by Bobbs-Merrill in 1943 with the title Harvest of My Years. He inscribed a copy: “To Ayn Rand, without whose insistence this book would not have been written.”