Letter 053, pg. 2


The Manifesto took twelve hours Saturday and fifteen yesterday—I go at it with interruptions only for meals. I shall have it finished tomorrow and mail it to you as soon as it is typed. It will be quite a bit longer than 2,500 words, because it must present the whole groundwork of our “Party Line” and be a basic document, such as the Communist Manifesto was on the other side. However, I think the problem can be solved by having two Manifestos; that is, a very short declaration of our principles and aims—for the purpose of recruiting members, and the complete text for those who join. I shall have them both ready to submit to you within the next few days.

I do not think that recruiting will prove to be a major problem. Once started, it will go on its own momentum. The need is there. So is the audience. Just let people know what we are doing and we won’t have to go after them—they will come to us. As far as rank-and-file membership is concerned, I believe I can get hundreds within a few days. The major step, I think, is to get our Committee together.

And I can’t tell you how happy I am that we have started.

Sincerely yours,