Letter 053, pg. 1

To Channing Pollock

“The Individualist Manifesto” was an 8,000-word statement of AR’s ethical/ political philosophy, which has not been published. She also wrote a 1,500 word version entitled “The Individualist Credo,” published in the January 1944 issue of Reader’s Digest as “The Only Path to Tomorrow" (re-worded without Ayn Rand's approval). A proper version is published in The Ayn Rand Column.


April 28, 1941

Mr. Channing Pollock
600 West End Avenue
New York City

Dear Mr. Pollock:

My compliments and congratulations on the letter which you are sending out. I think it is excellent and will get the kind of response we need.

Our list of names looks very impressive—I hope we will get all or most of them to join us. Here are the addresses of which you were not certain:

Carl Snyder
c/o The Macmillan Company
60 Fifth Avenue
New York City

James Truslow Adams
c/o America’s Future, Inc.
205 East 42nd Street
New York City

Dr. Haake
c/o American Economic Foundation
Hanna Building
Cleveland, Ohio

S. B. Pettengill
c/o America’s Future, Inc.
205 East 42nd Street
New York City

I have thought of three more names, in addition to Lothrop Stoddard and Mons. Sheean whom I mention to you over the telephone. They are: H. L. Mencken (I believe he can be reached through the American Mercury), Mary Roberts Rinehart, c/o Farrar & Rinehart, Dr. Ruth Alexander, c/o American Economic Foundation, 100 East 42nd Street, New York City.

Thank you for the copy of “Why Hate The Man Who Gets Ahead?” I enjoyed reading it very much. I think it is good—because it presents an important thought which is not being stressed often enough today.