Letter 106, pg. 4


Dr. Virgil Jordan, National Industrial Conference Board, 247 Park Avenue, New York City. (This last organization cannot send out outside publicity material, but Dr. Jordan can be greatly helpful and is an enthusiastic admirer of “The God of the Machine” which he has read.)

In conclusion, let me say that “The God of the Machine” is a book that will live forever and will have a great influence on the thinking of mankind. But if you, as a publisher, take advantage of it now and stand behind it, it can also become a great commercial asset—which is a proper reward for its author and publisher. 

With my best wishes for success,

Sincerely yours,

Ayn Rand

AR’s final assessment of The God of the Machine was expressed in her review of the book in the October 1964 issue of The Objectivist Newsletter. It is, she wrote, “a brilliant and extraordinary book that narrowly misses greatness.” Though stressing the virtues of the book, AR points out some relatively minor organizational and philosophic flaws, but concludes her review: “The battle [for human liberty] is not over—and in that great line of heroic and intellectual effort, The God of the Machine itself is another illustrious link.”

AR and her husband returned to California in December.