Letter 085, pg. 5


and uncompromising individualist. I have presented my whole thesis against altruism in this book. It cannot be stated completely in a letter. 

I am anxious to call these two books to your attention, because they were written for and in defense of men like you. But that I should have to do it myself is the same evil commentary on our society as the fact that you should have to defend yourself. You must know how completely our intellectual field is controlled by the collectivists. I am sure you don’t know that there are a few writers of your side who are struggling alone against an impossible blockade. If you think of what you felt in 1937, you will understand the kind of siege in which we, the conservative writers, are being choked to death. Only it’s much worse, because it’s done in silence. You had at least the advantage of an open, public fight. We are not allowed to be heard and the country at large does not even know that we exist, fight and are being murdered by methods much dirtier than those used against you by the thugs of the CIO. You were facing a firing squad. We are being choked in a cellar. Our communication lines have been cut by our own side. The literary editors of all important conservative publications are pinks, “liberals” and actual Communists. The proof? That you have never heard of “The God of the Machine” or “The Fountainhead. If books of equal importance had come out in defense of collectivism, you and the whole country would have seen it announced in Neon lights. 

Our capitalists and industrialists own, control and support the press. Yet they have it staffed with the worst pinks in existence. They pay fabulous salaries to people engaged in cutting their throats. They support their own murderers, then wonder why they are being destroyed, and who’s doing it, and why the public is so socialist-minded. The public is allowed to hear nothing else. Our conservatives read only what Clifton Fadiman or Lewis Gannett have recommended. Then they wonder why all current literature is pink. 

I am very anxious to have you read my book and “The God of the Machine.” But I do not like to send books out to be forgotten on a desk or given to a secretary. If this letter makes you think that the subject is worth your attention, please let me know that you do want to read them and I shall be more than happy to send you copies of both books. I think that all supporters of free enterprise should get together. I think that you industrialists should give us writers at least a hearing. It is later than we all think. 

With my deep admiration for your achievement and for that which you represent,                     

Sincerely yours,


* “The Right to Work” was the working title for Girdler’s autobiography, which Charles Scribner’s Sons published in 1943 with the title Boot Straps.