Letter 068, pg . 4


“economic freedom”—he speaks of “economic democracy.” Such a little difference! An innocent one? Not on your life!

Of course, the standard technique of good “Trojan Horses” is never to come all-out for Communism. It’s always to be “objective.” It always goes like this: muddle the issue, throw a few bones to the “right”, but be sure the bones are pretty lean, then bear down heavily on the “left” and make certain that the “left” is what stands out best in the reader’s mind after he’s through. Read Walter Duranty, Harold Laski, Dorothy Thompson and the rest of the experts. It’s a set formula. And this author has followed it faithfully. That is why the paragraphs which were marked in red (on page 4) do not impress me. Just to say “Men desire freedom” means nothing. All the pinks talk about “freedom.” (Even four freedoms.) To conduct a subversive campaign under the cover of a few capitalistic-sounding slogans is an old, old trick.

This article has no author’s name and I know nothing about the organization that released it. If the author is honest and well-meaning, then he is one hell of a poor propagandist for our side. But my guess would be that he is clever—too clever. My guess is that he’s a Trojan thoroughbred.

You did not say why you were interested in this article. If you are considering using it—or hiring its author—or collaborating with this organization in some manner—then my opinion is: NO!!! (I wish I knew how to reproduce a scream on paper, for that’s what I’d like it to be.) Perhaps you sent it as a test for me—or just sent it casually, and I took much too long in discussing it. But I was frankly worried when I read it—worried about the nature of your connection with these people or your planned connection—and I felt that I must give you as complete a report on it as I could.

Enough for one letter?

By the way, do you read my letters? I wrote to you in the last one that I had moved, but you sent me a letter to my old address. So I’ll repeat myself: the new address is: The Bromley, 139 East 35th Street, New York City. My new phone number is: Murray Hill 6-6549.

Hope you didn’t have as hard a time moving as I did. I’m just beginning to get settled now. All this and moving too is almost more than a human being can handle. But I guess I’ll survive—and hope you will, too.

My best regards,



Of the subsequent letters from Emery in AR’s files, none refers to AR’s criticism of “The Evolution of Freedom.” The proposed organization discussed with Emery and Channing Pollock was never established.