Letter 048, pg. 3


England and I have no idea how the book was received.[**] I have been promised duplicates and am now waiting for them. I shall be most anxious to hear your opinion of this book.[***]

At present, I am working on my next novel—the very long one about American architects. For the last few months I have been wracking my brain and nerves upon the preliminary outline. It is always the hardest part of the work for me—and my particular kind of torture. Now it is done, finished, every chapter outlined—and there are eighty of them at present! The actual writing of it is now before me, but I would rather write ten chapters than plan one. So the worst of it is over.
*to p. 2

I do hope that you have begun your next book. And I shall be waiting impatiently for the time when you resume the story of the Mallory