Letter 095, pg. 2


for the first time—which is very unusual this long after publication, and most encouraging. It means word-of-mouth advertising and genuine response from the readers, which means that the book does have popular appeal. If your project goes through now, the book and I will be made in a big way. 

I am having the publishers send you two more copies—one for Fulton Lewis, Jr. I am most anxious to follow up this possibility—unless you have decided against it for some reason. But if you haven’t and if Mr. Lewis would be willing to mention the book favorably (and politically) in his broadcast—it would be simply terrific! Let me know if you need any more copies and I shall have them sent so you’ll have them on hand, in case.

I am enclosing a copy of a little debate in print I did for “Wake up, America!” [a syndicated debate sponsored by the American Economic Forum]. It’s not much, but it goes into 870 papers, so it’s good publicity and at least a few points hammered home against the collectivists. Notice how Mr. Villard [Oswald Garrison Villard, former editor of The Nation] was afraid to admit that he’s for collectivism. I think we can make that word stick and use it as they used “capitalism.” 

Regards from both of us to Mrs. Shakespeare and yourself. You know I am not a religious person in the conventional manner, but I want to say in my own sense and in every best sense men have ever said it: God bless you!

Gratefully yours,

Ayn Rand