Letter 084, pg. 2


booklets published, and has sold a short story to a magazine. Faith [Hersey] is still working for the opera company; she is their press agent and doing excellently, they have grown into quite a big organization. She has been travelling all over the country and I have seen her only a few times in the last year. She was here recently and looked wonderful. She has acquired a new kind of assurance and cheerfulness—it made me very glad to see that. 

As to your being in the Army, I would like to say that you have all my admiration. I don’t mean that in the usual flag-waving way, I mean only that of all the classes of people in this war, I feel a true respect and a sense of loyalty only to those in the armed forces, and a great deal of very bitter contempt for all other groups of society. If you remember my views, you’ll understand what I mean. 

Since you say that you live on letters in the Army, I hope this will serve as one meal and as my small contribution. When you have the time, I should love to hear from you again. Frank sends you his regards—and all the good wishes from both of us.



* Gloria Braggiotti Etting was a dancer and newspaper columnist, prominent in New York café society.