Letter 087, pg. 4


make copies and circulate it. I received two offers to have it published—from conservative political organizations. I refused at the time, because the “Manifesto” was not written in a form proper for publication, it was an appeal, not a book. I intended to rewrite it, but have not done so, because just then Bobbs-Merrill “came into my life” with the contract for “The Fountainhead” and plunged me into a year and a half of the kind of work that made it impossible to attend to anything else. All this time I have been receiving inquiries about and requests for the “Manifesto.” So now that “The Fountainhead” is done, I decided to undertake the task of rewriting the “Manifesto” for publication. 

I could have it published as a pamphlet by one of the organizations that are interested in it, but I would prefer, of course, to have it done by Bobbs-Merrill. The organizations concerned will give us a ready-made field of distribution and will more than cover the cost of publication, apart from the sale to the general public. I have not discussed the matter with them—I believe Bobbs-Merrill would have to discuss it and make the proper arrangements—but I know that these organizations would act as distributing agents for the booklet. Specifically, The Committee for Constitutional Government makes it a practice to buy in quantity such non-fiction books on the subject of capitalism as agree with their own viewpoint and to distribute them at large. They are doing it at present with “The Spirit of Enterprise” by Edgar M. Queeny, published by Scribners.

I am enclosing a letter I received from them recently. I have spoken to them and told them that I could not grant permission for reprints and quotations until the “Manifesto” itself had been published. They asked me to submit its full version to them for publication. But I think it would suit their purposes if we let them distribute the booklet published by Bobbs-Merrill—and they will then give us all the free publicity and plugging we might need.

Others with whom similar arrangements can be made are:

DeWitt M. Emery, President of the National Small Business Men’s Association.

Mervin K. Hart, President of the National Economic Council.

Joseph P. Kamp, President of the Constitutional Educational League.

The National Association of Manufacturers.

I am going on a lecture tour this fall and winter, to speak on the ideas of this booklet and of “The Fountainhead”,